Monday, August 19, 2013


Essentially, it does not matter what you believe about when life begins – at conception, at birth, after birth or somewhere in between – it is totally illogical to believe that what is happening is anything other than the development of a human being.  God gave all creatures the ability to reproduce and proclaimed that this reproducing would be “after their own kind.”

When a cow and a bull get together, they reproduce themselves in the form of a calf.  When cats or dogs get together, they reproduce cats or dogs.  Even when chickens lay eggs and they are fertilized, the chicks will be chickens, not ducks or geese.  This has always been true and recognized without argument through the centuries. 

But suddenly, it was decided – for the sake of hapless women – that when the sperm of a human man fertilizes the egg of a human woman, the result is not a human being:  It is just a growing piece of indefinable flesh.  And that brings on the irrelevant argument about “when does life actually begin?” Somehow that seems a far fetched type of question that stretches the truth to satisfy the need for an excuse to do the inexcusable. 

Any woman who has been pregnant and lost that pregnancy at any stage of the pregnancy, knows that what she lost is a child; a human child conceived by the meeting of human sperm and human egg.  It rips her heart out to know that she was growing life and that life stopped within her.  She lost a child and the crazy thing is that her friends who believe in abortion will be sympathetic to her because they, too, realize that she has lost a child, even in the early stages.  Illogical?  You bet it is.

Then there are the Pro-Choice women who scream about the right of a woman to terminate a pregnancy using their own mothers as examples of women who should have had abortion available to them.  Wow.  These women must have had pretty miserable lives full of hardship and failure to make a statement like that.  “I wish my mother had had an abortion?”  Wow. Logic gets thrown right out the window on that one. 

Then I watch as humans strive heartily to preserve the lives of animal babies, even the unborn babies, and will stress and struggle though agonizing hours making sure that each and every animal baby gets a chance to live, but they support the aborting of live birth human babies who may, or may not be handicapped in some way and will make the mothers life difficult.  That one is so illogical that it pains me to even think about it.

And, just for reassurance of the truth that this is a human being, consider DNA.  Science has studied the DNA of caterpillars and has proven that they have the DNA of butterflies.  They hatch as caterpillars but they eat, and grow until it is time to cocoon and then they manifest themselves as the beautiful creatures they really already are by DNA.

That which is living in a human mother’s womb is just as surely a human being as a caterpillar is a butterfly.  Human DNA from two human beings join up to become one very special human being who has DNA from both but is now a separate being growing in that womb.  The DNA does not change as the baby develops.  It remains exactly the same as it was at conception.

The DNA signature has been established at conception and it is a very particularly structured human being that is growing in the womb.  Therefore, abortion kills a human being.  Anything else is illogical.

As for me, I believe that life begins before we are born.  God knows us even before we are conceived. Consider the case of Cyrus the Great, King of the Medes and Persians who was appointed by God to release His people from the stranglehold of the Babylonians.  This appointment was declared at least years before his parents even knew each other and maybe before they were even born.  God knows who each child will be and He reaches out for every single one in the hope that they will accept His love and follow Him.

The point is that my political opinion of abortion is that it is cruel and unusual punishment for unborn children, that they should be murdered just because they are not wanted.  That is a terribly cruel assumption, especially when many of these same activists also fight diligently to keep murderers and rapists alive because they feel that the death penalty is cruel and unusual punishment.  Totally illogical thinking once again.

May we be on our toes when this subject comes up and may we gently point the way to truth.  God bless those who seek to save the little children and to stop the slaughter of babies though abortion. Let us rely on Him for sharing His love to those who do not choose to understand.  May God bless each of you with wisdom and courage in this battle.

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