Friday, September 27, 2013


Trying to write what I am thinking these days about our political situation is like trying to pull all my teeth out at once, all by myself. In my 55 or so years of political involvement, I have never witnessed anything quite like this.  But tug-of-war tends to ignore the possibilities of falling off a cliff just to prove that you have made the whole thing hard for the enemy team to pull you down.  No one on either extreme seems to remember that there are hard-work ways to settle issues aside from bringing down the entire structure of our government.

Today the news is that Kerry signed a Nuclear power treaty that the Senate already voted down and that this country has been refusing to sign since it first came up in the U.N. decades ago.   In this article it is said:  The examples are piling up, and the conclusion is clear this is the most Imperial Presidency in over one-hundred years.  

My thinking is that Obama is the most imperialistic, but also, the most wimpy President of all time.  He has shamed us time after time in His inability to form a foreign policy, let alone stick to it.  He prefers to destroy the structure of this government here at home rather than deal with governments overseas.  He wants to be King of a broken country that will desperately need him to show the way and take care of all our pains.

Meanwhile, the Tea-Party is not doing us any favors either.  They are digging in their heels with demands that all changes must be now, and huge, or there can be no change at all.  These children are playing a game that is costing us our reputation, our dignity, and MONEY, lots of money.  Their fear mongering is costing us our very position as a country that others look up to and want to come to, or to become.  (Perhaps this is their way to discourage immigration?)

Are we, or are we not, fed up with his interference in our personal lives; his P.C. policies that take away our most basic rights to free speech and how we do business; the ever expanding government; and his careless commanding that everything will be done his way or no way?  Will we or will we not stop hurting the Conservative side with whiny side shows?  Will we ever get down to business and work our way out of the hole we have dug for ourselves. 

The way things are going, I am picturing us with “What does it matter” Hilary as our next President just because we cannot bring ourselves to be civil in the way we do business.  We have not given people any reason to vote for us; we are just hoping that people will see how bad things are, blame the democrats, then put us in office.  There is no way that that is going to work.

And it is way too late to defund Obama Care.  We have allowed it to become entrenched already:  Businesses are canceling insurance for their employees and are probably breathing a sign of relief.  People are already seeking out exchange programs and signing up with the private ones that are already in effect.  The uninsured, who are part of both sides of the political spectrum, are eagerly looking forward to having some kind of health insurance available to them.

To the Republicans (Tea Party or not) I say get over your tantrums and start making a name for yourselves as hard working members of our political system.  Men and women who are working toward real goals and doing it by grit and sweat, not by demanding the impossible immediate elimination of everything you do not like about our government. Change really is needed or we can count ourselves out.

Help me to not have to select someone other than a Conservative as President, or I will be writing in my own name next year when I vote.  I will not vote for the other side, but neither will I vote for this side, as it stands.  I just won’t do it anymore.

And, by the way, be prepared for Obama and his followers to find a way to go around the declared law of only two terms.  Be alert.  He makes up his own laws and trying to go for another term would not be wholly unlikely. Maybe that is just one of my nightmares, but it is a very scary thought.  Never forget what the duly elected president of Egypt did, once he was fully in power. Just saying…

Let’s get our eyes on God again and work things out firmly but amicably even if change comes slowly. Slow change is far greater than no change.

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