Saturday, August 10, 2013


I shall begin my political blogging with this quote from Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis:

That is the key to history.  Terrific energy is expended—civilizations are built up—excellent institutions devised; but each time something goes wrong.  Some fatal flaw brings the selfish and cruel people to the top and it all slides back into misery and ruin.

We can see some semblance of this happening in our country right now.  If only one line separated the two major Parties in this country if it might just this:  Who are these cruel people?  One party thinks it is the rich Republicans and the other sees the Government itself as the abuser of riches.

Personally, I see them both as guilty.  So now I will share some thoughts I have about the so called greedy rich Republicans—my own party.  You know what they say, “Start at home when you start analyzing what is going on around you”

But let me be clear here—I am not talking about just Republicans here, I am talking about the greedy rich period—what ever their party of choice.

In the last 30 years we have seen greed at it’s most selfish on both sides of the isle.  The government thought that making sure that everyone could buy a home was a good idea.  The greedy rich jumped on the band wagon and destroyed the housing market in this country because the people thought that was a good idea, too.  And they walked right into the trap, eyes wide open. 

The rich and greedy utilized these new rules with glee and excitement.  The not so rich enjoyed the greedy need to own the biggest house they could possibly get in the best neighborhood available, even though the mortgage would be hugely more than the recommended 30% of income.  No one on either side even considered the fact that 20% or 25% of income would be plenty enough to pay and still have an actual life to live in their new home. No!  That would be wrong in just too many ways.  So… well, you know what happened.  The rich got richer without any consequences while the poor got poorer and ended up homeless all over the country.  The point is that this was a collaboration between the greedy government and the rich and greedy corporations.

Meanwhile, each is blaming the other and I am blaming both.  Our Government has grown into a money hungry monster, eager to tax, tax, tax and then use those taxes to make themselves richer with higher and higher raises in income while pretending to shepherd the flock of poor and defenseless sheep that they see us as being. 

But the rich and greedy also crush the spirits of the poorer folk by continuing to make as much money as possible off of the suffering of those people   Unimaginable profits are posted year after year and raises and bonuses are taunted in our faces while wages stagger along at impossible levels for those who actually make these people rich.

Between the ever whining stock market; the speculators who bet on crop failures and oil shortages; and the major alphabet soup of corporation heads (who see only terrific profits for their own pockets and never consider reinvesting profits at the ground level0, they are destroying whatever soundness there ever was in our financial structure. 

Remember:  Some fatal flaw brings the selfish and cruel people to the top and it (the civilization) all slides back into misery and ruin.

This country has been sold out at every level:  Bribing our enemies to become our friends; encouraging those who hate us to be loved and honored more than those who are loyal and steadfast in favor of keeping this country strong;  Taking away our freedoms which are written as standards and laws in the constitution of this nation in order to pacify those who choose to be insulted by every move we make (even eating a ham sandwich in front of a Muslim at a table of “non-specified religious” co-workers);  Not to mention selling our country to our enemy while using the money we borrow to aid and abet other enemies.

The selfish and cruel are running this country and we are watching it all fall apart.  We must remain alert and we must speak up and vote when we have a chance.  But we must also refrain from slander and rumor mongering if we are to obey God’s command to be submissive to our leaders:  We know that in fact our leaders are chosen by God for whatever purpose He has in mind for the building up or tearing down of this civilization. 

Our job is to remain alert and pray over all of these unbelievable twists and turns That this country is going through and to encourage individuals we know to seek Christ and His love and comfort as all is crashing down around us.  It is not the nation that can repent and be saved; it is individuals.  And it is up to us to spread the Gospel and the Light of God among the down trodden and the rich and the powerful.  Only prayer and vigilance will make any difference in this mess we are in, no matter which party is in power.

May God grant us wisdom as to where we can speak up and make a difference in our towns and states and federally, but keep us from embarrassing Him with outbursts of slander and hate.  May we see the evil and pray for those who try to lead us down the wrong paths.  The path of this nation is in the hands of God and so is the punishment for those who lead us in the wrong direction.  May we pray for their souls and for their eyes to be opened to what they are doing.  And may we ask God to make us a blessing to someone everyday.  Amen.

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