Thursday, July 21, 2016


As the Republican Convention comes to a close, the reality of what we need to do is hitting home for me. As I tried to sort out consequences, I began reading again in the Psalms (the 90s) and once again realized that what we have to do, and must do, is trust God that He has plans for us in this election. And He has directions for us as well. He wants us to stand up and VOTE. Period.

He is in control of the nations! If we do not believe that then we are questioning His judgment and His plans. If we are conservative in our thinking, there is only one thing we can do and that is cast a vote against Hilary. If we do not stand up and vote against her, this Progressive, Socialist, Liberal government will continue to thrive in its effort to take us further and further down into the pit of accepting sinful behavior as a welcome way of life. It will bring us down financially through giving away our taxes and borrowed money to countries and people who are our enemies. It will eventually accomplish the project of destroying us altogether.

There will only be two choices at the top: Hilary or Trump. The flat out truth is that if we do not vote for Trump, we will be voting for Hilary. We must stand up to those who hate God as a general rule of life and vote for someone who at least does not hate God.

What we must do, unlike Cruz and former Presidents, is get together and stand up for a change of direction in our Government. A vote for Trump is a vote against Hilary and a vote FOR:

  • Keeping and respecting the Constitution.
  • Turning back to an economy based on Capitalism.
  • Strengthening the “Protection of the people” through a strong and well supported military while bringing back “Law ans Order” within this country.
  • A President who knows how to delegate responsibility and then listen to those appointed to keep him informed.

There are many more things that will be positive about Trump, especially if we respect his love of country (which Obama and Hilary have never had) and support him as the only candidate who can stop the downhill slide of this country into mindless destruction.

Don't vote your conscience, as Cruz said; vote your responsible conclusions which include that God is in control and has His plans for the future.

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