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We have been celebrating FREEDOM this Memorial Day weekend and honoring those people who have given life or limb, or even mind, to help us keep that freedom. At the same time many of us have been considering how quickly freedom is being driven out of this country in favor of Progressive Political Correctness.

A mighty war has been going on in this country, in the political sector. The slashing and smashing has been bloody at times. There are people on both sides of the fence who are ecstatic and there are people who are crushed and dismayed at the outcome of the primary elections all over the country.

Right now we have a chance to breathe and to contemplate what we must do in the general election. At the beginning of this “war” of wits, I choose 5 out of the ridiculous number of candidates running, and I watched them closely. One by one, I discarded names until I was 100% behind the candidate that I wanted for President. It was not Trump. I have a reputation, in my own mind, for loosing my candidate before I even have a chance to vote. That is because of where I live and how late our primary election is. That system is antiquated and needs to be changed for sure. I do not mind loosing when I have at least had a chance to vote before the decision is counted as concluded. (Also, the same in the general election!)

However, since this is not the first time I have had to vote in the general election for a candidate who was not my choice, I am ready once again to vote for the candidate most likely to change the direction of the government from the way it has been going. I am ready to eliminate the party in charge and exchange it for a capitalistic government

So let's sit back and see what we can choose to do. (This is addressed to those who really are disgusted with how things stand now, and are extremely disappointed in the candidates who will probably be on our ballot as the only two people who can possibility win the election.)

Choice number one is to NOT vote at all.

Choice number two is to vote for your pet candidate; and, if they are not on the ballot, write them in.

Choice number three is to vote for the candidate most likely to change the direction of this country in some very important ways.

Perhaps you have another choice in mind; but the truth is there is only one wise choice.

We, in the United States of America, have been given the privilege to choose our leaders: a responsibility to pay attention and a responsibility to use that privilege and to vote.

All weekend we have celebrated freedom and we have been reminded that freedom is not free; it comes with a price. People, real people, died so that we could continue to VOTE and attempt to control our government. We have been giving those rights away. It is time to take those rights back.

No candidate will ever be exactly what you want, and no candidate will ever do only what you want. In the last 72 years I have learned that the hard way. Eventually, even the President I loved, but could not vote for, turned out to be a good President (though not with out controversy) but sadly a very immoral man. In those days they didn't ask and didn't tell. His predecessor made sure that I would never think of voting for that party ever again.

But, to get to the point, choices one and two will be very unwise choices: Why? Because both of those choices will be a choice made for the opposite party candidate! When you don't vote FOR something you do not proclaim your freedom. You dump it. You cast a vote for the opposition whenever you do not for vote for the side you say you are on.

Many people will say, “I need to protect my integrity (conscience) and not vote for this man.” In reality, you will be holding the latch and opening the door for the other contender to win: something very much like a boxer throwing the match because he did not throw his punch!!!

Yesterday, I watched the movie “Patton.” I was reminded that not being politically correct can be a major downfall. This man, who stormed threw wherever he was sent, and whipped the enemy heartily. He was a hero, but he was an embarrassment to the government, and he was demoted in duty and shut out of finishing the war that never ended.

The only patriotic and wise decision you can make is to vote! If nothing else, vote for getting back to a free economy through capitalism; that place where we vote with our dollars about who can survive and who cannot. That place where small businesses are helped, not strangled; that place where the people of this country can decide for ourselves what we buy and what we do not buy.

And don't just vote the current establishment out at the top; Vote them out at every level. and do it deliberately.

Keeping in mind that there are only three constitutional requirements for a President to meet - No Person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President; neither shall any Person be eligible to that Office who shall not have attained to the Age of thirty five Years, and been fourteen Years a Resident within the United States...

Calm down and think: you have 5 months to do it. Use this time wisely. Our country needs wise voting. Turn out and cast your ballot. Don't dump your right to vote! Have your say and be proud of it!

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